Pair the premium brushed teak modular furniture with stylish design of coffee and side tables. Comfortably recline and rest your head into the thick buildframe, it makes a good option to your exhausted soul. The entire collection combines great stability, allowing it to flex in response to any movements, thereby enhancing the comfort of this sofa.

Designed for outdoor use, the material using mixture of premium brushed teak and aluminum, is highly durable to any climate. Smooth-sanded finish seat will elegantly elevate your modern house with its contemporary look.

Rustic character with smooth surface, easily drifted away in its comfort. With aluminum detail on the sides, it gives premium touch into the whole outlook. The plush cushion lends the comfort of autumn memories, warm and welcoming.

Single Seater Dimension: W-89 D-97 H-62.5 cm W-35” D-38.25” H-24.75”

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