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Elite Style company has been consistently serving the field of contract furniture since 2007. Apart from its wide range of products, Elite Style Company also offers products from well-established companies in the field of contract furniture mainly from Italy, Turkey, China, and the local market. Our constant effort is to provide our customers with products that are distinguished for their design, durability, and functionality, serving today’s trend. The know-how and true interest of our people to provide the optimal result in terms of design, style, and budget, guarantees that both designer’s and customer’s needs will be fully covered. Our target is to furnish spaces which are highly appreciated not only by the people who visit them but also by those who work or live in them. True evidence of this effort is the projects which were successfully delivered in Saudi, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, and Bahrain all these years. Our goal is to keep going and getting better by enriching our range and improving our services.



  • – Live a wonderful outdoor life with Elite Style
  • At Elite Style our mission is simple, to make your outdoor living better. A group of passionate people striving hard to bring quality furniture to reshape your outdoor life.
  • Commitment
  • This mission statement reflects our desire for the future. This is the mantra that drives us in everything that we do.
  • From Elite Style’s greatest assets is its people. Years of determination and hard work have helped to establish a competitive manufacturing position the company holds today. Careful attention is paid to scale, proportion, and ornamental detail of each product. Delivering high-quality fashionable furniture to you is our aim and we compromise nothing to attain this objective. Elite Style provides expertise and quality in the manufacturing of each product, and Strategies each product to pass through all the standards of production.f production.
  • You are welcome to visit our factory in Indonesia


“There is nothing gorgeous than having an outdoor open space with cozy seating” quoted by the team of Elite Style. This is what drives us, to create a quality outdoor/garden furniture product that is intimately connected to nature. Keeping the culture and feel alive we offer Elite Style Outdoor furniture Product Line that includes distinct collections of sofas, chairs, tables, loungers, parasol, and gazebos especially designed to reshaped the outdoors to reflect the beauty of nature.


comfort is our core value

  • Our core value is comfort in all aspects of our furniture. We have used countless hours developing and choosing the right designs, technology, and materials. Comfort for us is how well you sit or lay, how smooth our furniture functions, the very low maintenance, Our Elite Style designs can be used all over the world and under any climatic conditions.
  • Our mission is simple, to make your outdoor living better.

we are social responsible

  • we are social responsible Elite Style products are manufactured with the greatest care for our environment and the wellbeing of people.
  • We believe that responsibility goes beyond the design and production of furniture. Our production is committed to sound environmental policy and an ongoing focus on improving working conditions in the countries in which we operate.
  • This means that no child labour is allowed and that wage levels are fair and in accordance with local legislation.
  • In addition, we are very conscious about the consumption of resources, about recycling and the cleaning of wastewater.
  • These standards apply to both us and our suppliers and we continually strive to improve conditions in the factories.

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